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Why use a natural laundry powder?

Did you know that your skin is the human bodies largest organ? 

It needs care and protection, not just from the summer sun. Many people now find that they have skin irritations like eczema, rashes and itchy skin. A skin irritation is often your body telling you it has reacted to something in your environment. One of the biggest irritants for our skin is what comes in close contact, our clothes and in turn what we wash our clothes in. 

At The Innocent Ant we have looked at exactly what you need to use to clean your clothes and we have kept it simple, innocent and added nothing unnecessary to your laundry powder. By keeping it innocent it also means it more concentrated so you need to use less to clean your clothes, making it economical too. By using less you are also exposing your skin to less chance of irritation. 

Why should you try The Innocent Ant?

We are innocent, honest and real.

Innocent, we take action to reflect who we are in a positive way. We are pure, clean and enjoy the simple things.

Honest, we are confident in who we are. We are transparent, truthful and have integrity.

Real, we are authentic. We keep our word and stay genuine. 

We pride ourselves in being skin friendly. Producing a product that is safer for the waterways and safe for your septic tank to. Everything in your laundry powder must have a purpose, a reason otherwise what is the point in having them in there. We only have 5 simple ingredients in our laundry powder, that is all that is needed to clean your clothes

Why can we truely claim this? 

We only use natural ingredients, 

No nasties,

No toxins,

No fillers. 

You can read our ingredients list and know what is in our laundry powder and products. If you read the list of ingredients the big brands, how many of them can you read and understand? Many big brands of laundry powder, stain removers and bar soaps have fillers and harsh chemicals in them that trigger skin irritations and can even be harmful for our waterways, let alone your clothes.

Borax: A natural mineral found in evaporated lakes. A great whitener for your washing without using bleach. It softens hard water (water with a high mineral content), so detergents are able to get into the fabric and get the dirt and stains out. It neutralises odours and disinfects clothing.

Washing Soda: A naturally mined mineral. This little gem is used alongside borax as they are similar in function. But it’s main job is to break down the soap and soften the water to get the deepest clean for your washing.

Salt: We all use it, probably more so in the kitchen than in the laundry room. It’s a naturally mined mineral from dried up lakes and seas. It’s great at softening and filtering out any nasties in the water, like chloride. This allows for a better cleaning process to occur.

Coconut Castile Soap: We truly believe this is what makes our recipe work so well. Hand-made right here at TIA HQ. It's made of coconut oil, caustic soda and distilled water. It’s a great detergent, meaning it gets stains, dirt and smells out of the washing. Making your laundry truly clean.

Baking Soda: A naturally mined mineral from certain lakes. Another great kitchen staple that has multiple uses around the house. We have it in our recipe for it’s great odour neutralising properties. It also assists in removing stubborn stains when used as a paste.

In addition you can choose to have an essential oil added to scent your laundry powder. Lemon & orange are used for our citrus scented powder, peppermint for our mint scented and NZ lavender for our lavender scented. These oils are organic & cold-pressed, squeezing the purest, highest quality oil out of the fruit or leaf or flower, ensuring only the best product is harvested. Unlike synthetic fragrances these too are gentle for you skin and even better for your lungs. Plus they smell super delicious!

So you have read our ingredients and that's right. Only 5 simple ingredients! No fillers, No toxins and No harsh chemicals. This means our laundry powder is more concentrated, so you only need 1 Tablespoon per load. No more big scoops of fillers and harsh chemicals to get your clothes clean.

Your skin will appreciate pairing back what comes in contact with it. Our environment will appreciate what is being poured into too.

Next time you do your laundry think about what you are using. 

Think The Innocent Ant.

Posted: Saturday 18 February 2023