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We create eco friendly laundry powder.

Handcrafted with love and care, all the ingredients in our natural laundry powder are derived from Mother Earth and her incredible elements.

​5 Main Natural Ingredients:


With an unscented and three scented options...

ORIGINAL (UNSCENTED),   REFRESHING MINT,   SUMMER CITRUS   &   SOFT LAVENDER can choose the scent which suits best.

Our toxin-free and sensitive skin friendly washing powder does the job of cleaning, removing stains and decreasing smelly odours whilst also looking after our first priority: you, your tribe and the environment.

​While we create washing powder, our passion is to support you in living your best, toxin free life, full of the things you love and the adventures you seek.

Innocent Ant Laundry Powder

Our Journey

The Innocent Ant was foundered by Hanna Stockley in August 2019.

In January 2022 Kate Torrens purchased The Innocent Ant after Hanna had expressed her interest to move onto other adventures.

Kate was introduced to The Innocent Ant when a good friend recommended she try this fabulous new eco-friendly washing powder!  She fell in love with the washing powder straight away because it worked amazingly, smelled divine and she believed in the ethos behind it. This then started Kate on a journey to rid her family home of any unnecessary chemicals. 

Kate lives on a farm in Te Aroha with her husband, three kids, two cats and their dog. 

While the name behind the products has changed. The Innocent Ant is still about connection, quality, and integrity.

We are about building a colony to help other like-minded businesses and souls connect and support the lifestyle they want live.

Innocent Ant Owner, Kate
Eco-conscious laundry powder

Why ‘The Innocent Ant’?


Ant's are incredible insects. They can carry up to 50 times their own body weight alone. But the concept of working together with a colony can generate more power and be more effective.

The concept of having a product(s) that is incredible when it stands alone is great but it's the power behind working together with a colony (like-minded souls) and living an eco-conscious lifestyle is exactly what The Innocent Ant is about.

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We Value


Connecting you with a high-quality brand that works, speaks to you and bring together a colony of like-minded souls.


To bring you the best (to our knowledge) in our brand, our products and our communication.


To be purposeful with our action. To show honesty and commit to always being the best version of ourselves.