Natural Ingredients in Our Laundry Products


our ingredients

 Like any great product, it all starts with great foundations. That’s why at The Innocent Ant we believe that every ingredient we have in our recipe needs to have a purpose and a function to make sure it is the best recipe for you. ​ 

Get to know our ingredients:

Borax: A natural mineral found in evaporated lakes. A great whitener for your washing without using bleach. It softens hard water (water with a high mineral content), so detergents are able to get into the fabric and get the dirt and stains out. It neutralises odours and disinfects clothing.

Sodium Carbonate: A naturally mined mineral. This little gem is used alongside borax as they are similar in function. But it’s main job is to break down the soap and soften the water to get the deepest clean for your washing.

Salt: We all use it, probably more so in the kitchen than in the laundry room. It’s a naturally mined mineral from dried up lakes and seas. It’s great at softening and filtering out any nasties in the water, like chloride. This allows for a better cleaning process to occur.

Coconut Castile Soap: Our (not-so) secret ingredient. We truly believe this is what makes our recipe work so well. Hand-made right here at TIA HQ. It's made of coconut oil, caustic soda and distilled water. It’s a great detergent, meaning it gets stains, dirt and smells out of the washing. Making your laundry truly clean.

Baking Soda: A naturally mined mineral from certain lakes. Another great kitchen staple that has multi-purpose use all around the house. We have it in our recipe for it’s great odour neutralising skills. Neutral smelling laundry that is clean. It also assists in removing stubborn stains when used as a paste.

Essential Oils: Lemon & orange are used for our citrus scent. Organic peppermint for our mint scent. New Zealand lavender for our lavender scent. These oils are organic & cold-pressed, squeezing the purest, highest quality oil out of the fruit or leaf, ensuring only the best product is harvested. They  smell super delicious!