We create beautifully crafted natural laundry powder.

Hand-made with love and care, all our eco-friendly ingredients are derived from Mother Earth and her incredible elements.

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Natural laundry powder that makes you feel good.

Taking care of you, your tribe and the environment.

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Connecting you with a high-quality brand that works, speaks to you and bring together a colony of like-minded souls.


To bring you the best (to our knowledge) in our brand, our products and our communication.


To be purposeful with our action. To show honesty and commit to always being the best version of ourselves.

New Zealand Made

New Zealand Made

Eco-conscious product

Eco-Conscious Product

Sensitive Skin Friendly

Sensitive Skin Friendly


0.29c Per Wash (1TBSP)

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Innocent Ant Laundry Powder Subscription

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Subscription frequency: 6x weekly, 2x monthly, 3 monthly, 4 monthly or 6 monthly


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