Fabric Bar

Fabric Bar

100% Natural Spot Cleaner: Septic Tank Friendly & Made In NZ

Need a spot cleaner? Our Fabric Bar is the same great Coconut Castile Soap that is in our 100% natural laundry powder. This Ideal for use as a spot cleaner for a stain on the sofa or as a pre wash treatment for your clothing, our Fabric Bar will become your go-to spot cleaner!

Easy to use, gentle on skin and septic tank friendly, our Fabric Bar is a great alternative for those hard to soak items, which is what our Laundry Soaker is designed for.

Also available for ordering online through our natural laundry products store is our Citrus, LavenderMint and Unscented laundry powder range,  plus our Fabric Bar and Laundry Soaker for treating those tough stains.

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Approx 90g
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Dampen stain by either running item under water or blot with a cloth. Once damp create a good lather with the bar. Work into the fabric. It is best to leave for 20 minutes or longer to allow it to work into the stain. Then wash item as per usual or blot away with a clean cloth.

Hand Wash, run bar under cool water while you fill your bucket or tub. Hand wash item then rinse well.

Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide

Yes, our products are toxin-free and 100% safe to use. However, all we ask is for you to use your commonsense when working with our products.

  • Do not consume.
  • The Fabric Bar is not recommended for use on the body.